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Cheff Marco

Cheff Marco


Visit us at Pacific Place, 5th Floor Unit 45-46 and be prepared to get hooked!

Cheff Marco

Padang Peranakan Recipe

Marco is an eatery where Chef Marco Lim share story of his culinary journey through an authentic & fresh Padang Peranakan Cuisine that is serves with heart in a relaxing interior ambience. Visit our outlets and get ready to be taken to your own culinary adventure.

Barramundi Panggang Pacak

Grilled Barramundi fish marinated in coconut milk with finely ground curly red chili, slices of turmeric leaf, lemongrass, tamarind, lime leaf, and lime juice.

Es Kopi Padang

Iced coffee (double shots of Bukittinggi robusta).

Marco's Journal

Perjalanan Chef Marco ke seluruh pelosok Sumatera Barat dalam menemukan resep-resep Padang Peranakan patut diacungi jempol. Berbekal bakat dan passion pada Padang cuisine, Chef Marco berhasil meramu resep-resep tradisional dalam satu kesatuan Old Padang Recipe yang nikmat tiada duanya.