Marco d Padang Recipe

If you're noticed windows displaying little bowls of food all precariously stacked up on top of one another house of cards style, you've seen traditional Padang food. Other foreigners aren't brave enough to venture inside these basic and rather grubby looking eateries, which is a shame because in fact, Padang-style food is delicious. In their bid to bring wonderfully aromatic, rich Padang dishes of Sumatra to everyone, Marco-Old Padang Recipe offers freshly prepared, a la carte, grilled Padang dishes at two outlets in Jakarta.

The flagship restaurant is in Setiabudi 1 and the latest addition in the shiny new open plan Lotte Shopping Avenue in Mega kuningan. Head Chef Marco is passionate about introducing Padang food to a more international audience and has crafted a menu offering more refined versions of popular items such as Rendang and Dendeng Batokok (tenderized, marinated and grilled beef).

The new outlet, located on floor 3F of Lotte Shopping Avenue is contemporary looking and comfortable, Chef Marco insists that all of ingredients, including rice and chillies, are imported directly from Sumatra, making the overall taste authentic.

The Rendang Itam (beef shank slow cooked in coconut milk with chili, turmeric, lemongrass and lime) is tender and just pleasantly spiced. As Marco specializes in grilled meats and fish, we also tried the Barramundi Panggang Pacak (Grilled Barramundi marinated in coconut, chili and lime) which had a little more kick to it but the fish was flaky and delicious.

Nasi Sayo, their signature rice dish which comprises rice from Solok accompanied by vegetables, two different types of sambals and crackers, is the perfect accompaniment to your main course. With clear explanations of all the menu items in English, a pleasant and clean contemporary setting and friendly waiting staff, Marco-Old Padang Recipe is the ideal place for novices of Padang food to start. source