Marco Padang Grill Jakarta

Nasi Padang , is one of comfort food for me and I think everybody like it. You can easily find Padang restaurant in Jakarta, yes so many ! Believe me they're all good, but not all of them still using the authentic recipe for the dish because it's quite hard to find West Sumatran's local ingredients, and now let me introduce you the recommended authentic Padang restaurant called Marco Padang Grill.

They're not new, they've already had 2 branches in Setiabudi One Building and Lotte Shopping Avenue, well the Lotte Shopping Avenue is their newest. And why Marco Padang Grill is different with another Padang restaurant? First, the Chef Marco Lim was born and grow in West Sumatran where he's really expert at history and recipe of Padang cuisine, so he brings the authentication to Marco Padang Grill and satisfaction to every customers. 

Well, you won't believe they're Indonesian restaurant from the interior, they look like somekind french restaurant, so classic and beautiful. Feel so warm to be here and the ambiance was really friendly, I do love being here and you can see the cooking process here and not like another Padang restaurant where the food already prepared, here they made by order, so it will fresh from the kitchen ! So be patient for the food, it's not an ordinary Padang restaurant :p well, let's go to the food !!  source