Review: Marco Padang Grill Jakarta

Even though most of the posts in my blog talked about more International food, but I swear, every time I am talking about local Indonesian food, I am ALWAYS excited and tend to write longer and be a little more talkative. I am very very into Indonesian food, I just need more effort to prove it or probably look like one who actually LOOKS like an enthusiast (fuck the look). One of my biggest dreams are to actually travel Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke, capture the most beautiful landscape and culinary scenes. To be honest, I have been saving a little to make this particular dream come true *fingers crossed*, the one that I can't buy is time, currently so many things to do and so many things require my responsibility, now it's back to me to bring the dream and life to a certain line.

WTF with the opening it's so dramatic and emotional, but really man, this post is going to be exciting! I went to Marco for lunch at its outlet in Lotte Shopping Avenue. FYI it's amazing how Lotte has so many amazing new (and existing) restaurants. The name Marco Padang Grill might be a stranger to some but it's actually first introduced to public back in 2009 (formerly known as Marco's Bofet) in Setiabudi one, the outlet still exist along with the current name and it told you all: they freaking serve Padang-Peranakan cuisine here!

I don't know where to begin with Padang, it's like the Holy Grail of Indonesian food and Indonesians are not fully "Indonesian-certified" when they haven't touched this particular food. Padang food came from its origin which is Padang, a city and capital of West Sumatra. There are zillion Padang outlets in Jakarta itself, normally they are not fancy looking, it could be just a small stall with few tables and chairs (sometimes don't) and they could call it Padang. It's all about the FOOD!

To be completely honest, this is like the first time that I ever had Padang in such a more upscale surrounding...and with spoon.