Let me introduce you with Marco Padang Grill, a restaurant specialized in bringing high quality heritage and authentic food from West Sumatra based on Chef Marco’s passion.
As we all know, Nasi Padang is one of the famous Indonesian traditional rice with side dishes from Sumatra we can find easily almost everywhere in Indonesia. And one of the side dishes that usually served with Nasi Padang is Beef Rendang, the famous slowly cooked beef dishes that has been nominated as one of the World’s Best Food. And one more thing we all might know already, the best way to eat Padang Food is by using your hand because it taste more delicious in that way.
Unlike any other Padang restaurant, Marco Padang Grill has a really nice and kinda romantic interior with dimmed light, flowers, red and black furniture, brick wall and also soothing background music. If you are planning to have a romantic date but really craving for a tasty Nasi Padang, maybe you can bring your date here :)